Partner search

You have a project, and you want to develop it collaboratively. For this, you need to identify partners with complementary expertise to yours.


The Key Steps:

- Create your account
- Fill in your project (tab 1, 2 and Z) and check the box "I AM LOOKING FOR PARTNERS TO DEVELOP R&D PROJECTS (INDUSTRIAL OR ACADEMIC PARTNER)"
- COSMETIC VALLEY publishes an anonymous project sheet based on your responses
- Validation of the project file by the holder
- The sheet is then sent to the COSMETIC VALLEY network in a targeted way according to the expertise sought, in order to identify potential partners
- Connecting with potential partners
- Support of COSMETIC VALLEY for the setting up of the project, the search for funding, labeling by the pole.

The Golden Rules for Research Expertise:

  • Note that the fields used for the project sheet will be as follows:

- "Project title" corresponds to the title of your innovation project / research work
- "Maturity of your project" / "TRL of your project" corresponds to the level of progress of your innovation project/ research work
- "Non-confidential summary" corresponds to a clear explanation of your innovation in a few lines (Type of innovation, project objective, innovative character..)
- "Illustration photo" choose a photo that represents your project (Do not put a company/laboratory logo)
- "I AM LOOKING FOR PARTNERS TO DEVELOP R&D PROJECTS (INDUSTRIAL OR ACADEMIC PARTNER)": By ticking this box, we want to look for new partners to develop a collaborative innovation project. This implies that technical locks are identified and cannot be solved by your expertise alone.
- "Technical locks to be lifted with your partners" corresponds to the identified technical locks, requiring complementary expertise  to be lifted.
- "Technical expertise sought", specify the sectoral expertise you would need to remove the various technical barriers
-"Profile(s) of partner(s) sought", specify whether you are looking for companies, public laboratories or both.
- "Innovation themes" corresponds to the 3 themes that represent your project;
-"Problem of the subject" ie explain to which problem the project wants to answer?
- "State of the art" ie explain what already exists on the subject of your project
- "Next stage of your project" ie explain the next actions planned for the development of the project

  • Responses should be anonymous and should not cite your structure

  • All questions concern your innovation project (not your company’s activity)

  • Fill in tab Z "Your needs" to allow us to offer you suitable opportunities