Partner search

You have a project and want to develop it collaboratively. To do this, you need to identify partners with complementary expertise to overcome technical obstacles.


The Key Steps:


  • Create your account

  • Create a project and check the box "I would like to be connected with experts to develop my project (academic or industrial)"

  • COSMETIC VALLEY edit an anonymous project sheet, based on the answers given in the form

  • Validation of the project form by the project holder

  • The form is then sent to the COSMETIC VALLEY network in a targeted manner, according to the expertise sought, in order to identify potential partners who can help remove technical obstacles

  • Contact with potential partners

  • Support from COSMETIC VALLEY in setting up the project, seeking funding and promoting the project (cluster labeling)



The Key Rules for for an efficient Partner Search : 



  •   Answers must be anonymous and must not mention your company name.

  • All questions concern your innovation project (not your company's activity).

  • Fill in tab Z "Your expectations" to enable us to offer you appropriate opportunities (skills development, network development, visibility, etc.).

  • The following fields are required for a Partner Search:

    - "Explanatory title of the project" = Title of your innovation/research project

    - "Project maturity" / "TRL of your project" = Level of advancement of your innovation project / research project

    - "Non-confidential summary" = Clear explanation of your project (type of innovation, project objective, innovative character, etc.)

    - "Illustrative photo" = Image representing your project (Do not include your company/laboratory logo)

    - "Technical barriers to be overcome by these experts" = Corresponds to the technical barriers identified, requiring additional expertise to be overcome.

    -"Profile(s) partner sought" = Specify the type of partner you are looking for to remove these technical barriers (companies and/or public laboratories). Then specify the sector-specific expertise you need to remove the various technical barriers identified.

    - "Innovation themes" = Corresponds to the 3 themes that represent your project

    -"To what problem does the project want to answer ?" = Explain the problematic that the project is designed to address.

    - "State of the art" = Explain what already exists on the subject of your project

    - "Step of your project still to be implemented" = Explain the next steps you plan to take to develop your project.