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"COSMETIC VALLEY", an association

"COSMETIC VALLEY" is a not-for-profit association created under the 1901 Act.


Top international network of professionals in the cosmetics and fragrances sector

1 place de la cathédrale, 28000 Chartres

Tel. +33 (0) - Fax +33(0)



The association is registered at the prefecture of Chartres:

SIRET N°: 413570375 00027
NAF or APE Code: 8413Z

VAT: FR 45413570375 

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ZA ARAGO - Bat 10
9, rue Charles Coulomb
28000 Chartres
Tel: 02 37 35 49 05

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Caroline Fogliani

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Laure Devenelle

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2 rue Kellermann - 59100 Roubaix - France.
A simplified joint stock company (SAS) with share capital of €10,059,500
Trade and Companies Register of Lille Métropole 424 761 419 00045
APE Code 6202A
Tel: 0820 698765

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