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You are a public research actor, a start-up, an SME/ETI that carries innovative projects that can meet the challenges of the cosmetic industry: Identify your project(s), challenge it(them) and take advantage of multiple opportunities! 




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How and why should you use this platform?

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Take advantage of a variety of opportunities to promote your idea and put it to the test

  • Meetings with professionals from the industry
  • An international competition for the best innovation applicable to the cosmetics sector (THE COSMETIC VICTORIES)
  • Opportunities to expand your network of contacts
  • Presentation at a themed conference on innovation in the field of cosmetics
  • Support with the construction and follow-up of your project
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Please note: to get the benefit of all these services, the information about your project must be provided in French and English

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Overcoming the challenges of the environmental and digital transitions while ensuring the efficacy and safety of cosmetic products requires the development of innovations to meet the ever-shifting consumer demand in France and abroad.

Public research institutions, start-ups, and SMEs can be sources of innovative projects that further the development of new technologies, services, and processes to meet the challenges faced by the fragrance and cosmetics industry.  

This platform offers you a way to spread the word about your project, benefit from connections with people in the business, and take advantage of opportunities to put your project to the test and expand on it.


Innovations for the whole industry:


On this platform, you can submit any project addressing an issue at any stage of the design and distribution of a product in the fragrance and cosmetics sector. The cosmetics industry includes all companies active in the development and production of:

  • plant-based products for the fragrance and cosmetics sector
  • active ingredients, as well as functional ingredients (emollients, texturisers, stabilisers, preservatives, etc.)
  • formulated products in the areas of skin and hair care, make-up, hygiene, and fragrances
  • innovative measuring instruments and methods applicable to the skin, knowledge of the product and its interaction with the skin, hair, teeth, nails, or hair
  • biological and sensory tests aimed at better understanding and evaluating the safety and efficacy of raw materials and finished products
  • innovative manufacturing machines and equipment, as well as processes involved in the manufacturing and packaging of cosmetic products
  • processes of formulations in the sector: powders, emulsions, gels, serums, butters, etc.
  • processes to ensure the traceability of materials and finished products
  • primary packaging directly in contact with the product: jars, bottles, tubes, caps, dispensing pumps, etc.
  • secondary packaging: boxes, cases, etc.
  • IOT technologies for the field of Internet-connected beauty
  • innovative digital solutions for product distribution and the consumer experience
  • innovative solutions for transport and logistics
  • (among others…)
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 The innovation challenges faced by the cosmetics and fragrance industry

The major innovation challenges faced by the sector can be presented in six cross-disciplinary areas applicable to the various aspects of the industry:

  • Safety/quality/traceability: Safety, Toxicology, Microbiology, Skin microbiota, Preservation, Interactions, Transfers between containers and their contents, Regulatory compliance
  • Efficacy of products and processes: Characterisation, Measurement, Testing, Objective analysis, Physiology, Imaging, Vectorisation, Encapsulation, Stabilisation, Sensory analysis, Biology, Photonics, Pharmaceutical formulation, Rheology, Targeting
  • Naturalness: Plant bio-sourcing, Algae, Cosmetopoeia, Biodiversity, Sector structuring, Biotechnology, Bio-processes, Eco-processes, Eco-extraction, Greentech, Bio-sourced materials, Environmentally friendly chemistry, Eco-toxicology
  • The circular economy & CSR: Environmental impact, Resource consumption, Upcycling, Recycling, Substitution, Elimination of carbon emissions, Energy savings, Water consumption, Eco-design, Elimination of disposable packaging, Reduction, Reuse, Life-cycle analysis, Compostable waste, Societal impact, Well-being, Emotion, Sensory perception (olfactory, tactile, visual, acoustic, neuroscience, mental health)
  • Connected beauty and digitisation: AI, Data analysis, Big Data, Algorithms, Augmented reality for devices, Online retail, Customisation, Prediction
  • New technologies & processes: Mechatronics, Automation, Electronics, Connected factories, Industry 5.0, Robotics, Digital twins, Supply chain, 3D printing, Rapid prototyping


Our themes

Biosourcing Biosourcing
Technologie verte Green technology
Digital & Device Digital & Device
Intelligence Artificielle Artificial intelligence
Durabilité Sustainability
Biotechnologie Biotechnology
Microbiologie Microbiology
Biologie Biology
Méthode d Evaluation method
Sensoriel Sensory
Mecatronique Mechatronic
Matériaux Material
Réalité augmentée Augmented reality
Toxicologie Toxicology
Imagerie Imaging
Traçabilité Traceability
Emotion - Bien être Emotion - Well-being
Formulation Formulation
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Any information saved on the IDCosm platform should not be of a confidential nature.
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