Join the international cosmetics industry's Innovation Challenges

This year, COSMETIC 360 is organizing the Innovation Challenges with the leading names in the international industry.



The concept is easy :


Whether you're an innovative project owner with no formal structure, a start-up, VSE, SME, ETI or research laboratory... this service enables you to present your technical and technological innovations, at different levels of maturity, in response to the various challenges on offer.


1- Login or create your account on the platform

2- Create your project, describing the solution you propose to meet the challenge you wish to target

3- Submit your project for the challenge you're targeting (several challenges are open, so you can submit different projects to meet them).


Several challenges are open, so you can propose different projects to meet them!

Applications are open until July 31, 2024


  • From September 15, 2024, you will be informed on the submission platform (as well as by email) whether or not you have been nominated to take part in pitches to present your solution to the teams of the company that proposed the challenge.

  • Coaching to help you prepare for the pitch will also be offered.

  • On October 16 or 17, you'll be invited to pitch your solution in front of the company interested in your solution, in a closed session.


Several challenges on offer:

- CHALLENGE 1 : How can biotech be a lever for sustainability and performance?  

#Cellular biology #Synthesis #Vegetal  #Enzyme catalysis #Microalgae #Bacteria #Levures #Fermentation

- CHALLENGE 2 : Optimize the efficacy of an eco-designed formula using new active ingredient encapsulation technologies

#International regulations #Encapsulation #Vectorization #Eco-design #Product performance #Formulation


- CHALLENGE 3 : How can regeneration be used in cosmetics for more effective and sustainable design?

#Virtuous circle #Biomimicry #Biotechnology #Resource saving #Water-saving #Well-aging

CHALLENGE 4 : How can we reconcile eco-design and performance in tomorrow's cosmetics aerosol?

#Sustainability #Innovation #Efficiency #Sensoriality #Regulation

 - CHALLENGE 5 : How does R&D department to develop a product that is ever more efficient and closer to consumer needs? 

#Data  #Insight  #Biotechnology  #AI empowerment  #Adaptation to pollution



You can apply for one or more challenges and propose projects that meet the needs!




Why take part?

  • Benefit from coaching to enhance the value of your solution

  • Get expert advice on how to best meet the needs of the industry

  • Develop a collaboration around a theme supported by a major name in cosmetics and perfumery (For access to the project side).

If you are selected to pitch your solution, you will be asked to pay an administration fee of €95 excluding VAT (including free admission).